Thank you for a decade of sales! We have closed our store, effective 12/31/22, but the business remains available for sale.
This is a GREAT business for the right owner. We have tens of thousands of dollars in inventory, a patent on the product, trademark, proprietary software we use to create the designs, suppliers, marketing materials, brand equity AND SOME REALLY GREAT CUSTOMERS! Regrettably our work/life balance has meant that we have not exploited all these assets to their fullest. However, we know from all the shows we have attended that in the right hands this business could be a big money maker. The right buyer should care about customer service above all else (we would like our legacy to be superior client service). If you know someone that may be interested please send them our way (serious inquiries only please); we can be reached at [email protected].

Thank you, 
The Pacebands Team